What is FFU Coin ? How to earn money ?

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FFU Coin (FFUC) is our virtual currency. You will receive FFU Coins for your activities. You can use FFU Coins to buy or sell virtual products and services. You can also  convert FFU coin to bitcoin.

How you can earn FFU Coin ?
  • New Thread 1.00 FFU Coin [Minimum 150 characters required]
  • New Post 1.00 FFU Coin [Minimum 150 characters required]
  • Per Reply 0.05 FFU Coin (When someone will reply on your thread)
  • Per Referral 80.00 FFU Coin (Your referral member will need to have minimum 100 posts/threads)

**The rates above are subject to change and will vary from time to time.

What is the rate of conversation of FFU Coins with Dollar?
Currently 100 FFU Coin equivalent to $1.00 USD

What can I buy with FFU Coin ?
If you have any question or need help about FFU Coin, please post them in  Discussions & Support section.
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