What happened to this forum?

A couple of years ago I heard about this site but never signed up because there was just way too much stuff. I was reading a blog recently about different sites online that pay you to write and ForumForU was advertised.

I thought I'd check out the site again but this time there's hardly any members or posts and I think a different theme. Was there a leadership change? Or just a fresh restart?

Hello Tony
Welcome to Forum For U.

Forum For U was first launched in 2014. I founded this community and did my best to make it better. But unfortunately some of my decisions were wrong and we didn't get good quality content (and we lost advertisers) from most of the users. That's why I had to shut down the community. Before shutting down, I cleared all requested payments and also refunded to our advertisers.
Now, I’ve relaunched the community with new look and new plans. We still don’t have too many members and activities as we start from scratch again. But I believe and hope we will get better engagement with better content.
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I saw this website advertised on many platforms and blogs so I check the website today. So are you paying now? I can bring referrals to the website if you promise to pay?
Hello @Bullseye
Welcome to Forum For U.
Yes I will pay each member for their hard work and that is why Forum For U has come back with a new business plan.
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I registered some weeks back but didn't care to take the site serious. I was going through posts in another forum and I saw discussions about this particular forum being legit. I think I will be visiting it in the coming days. There are not much members anymore.
what is requirements to get paid by paypal? give me an example? im just curious. like how much in FFU Coin? this site looks promising im new to this site. looks legit though
Please check out this thread : https://forumforu.net/Thread-Official-Of...alance-USD
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Hi admin please try and add more section like gpt(get paid to post,paid to write,and exchanger section)I love this forum am glad its back again please let keep the community clean.

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