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steaming server is looked for
I'm in need of a trustworthy and reliable steaming server at affordable prices and two hosts were advised me to try - and, what do you think of activity of these hosts? Which one would you sign up with and why?
If I were you, I would better widen your search and check out more hosting options as well. The hosting market is so competitive:
Their goal is to provide quality infrastructure hosting in world-class data facilities, at a cost accessible to enterprises, small businesses, and end-users alike.
Both providers are good, I suggest  just contact them and find which provider is best for you.
I'd recommend you to use servers from reliable hosts like and
Servers work with neither glitches, nor outages and prices are competitive.
I know that servers from are worth every cent you pay for their services, they are perfectly suitable for streaming.
Their support is very responsive and servers are not overloaded.
I suggest dedicated server solutions. I am getting from them solid hardware and responsive polite tech support. For the price their services are top-notch.
Have a look at servers from and
Their servers work with no glitches and prices are affordable.
Support is online for 24 hours, they fix issues if they occur in no time.
To receive server with highest stability I recommend to use without hesitations. They have powerful hardware and skilled techies at reasonable rates.
IMHO, will be perfect choice!
What I can recommend to others is to contact their sales representative, tell your specific requirements and what you are going to host - believe me, their team will find the best hosting solution for your needs at a perfect price.
According to my knowledge servers would meet your needs with their featured cheap plans and top level customer care. Support team are kind and professional guys.

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