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Community Cooperative Guidelines

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10-12-2014, 03:29 PM #1
NomanProdhan Offline KING OF FFU FFU OWNER
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Global Forum Rules are also apply here.........
(12-13-2014, 10:59 PM)ddoesmc Wrote:  Bumping is not allowed here at FFU, thank you for your understanding.
When posting, you should follow below form so that our members can clearly see what it is you require.

Form for REQUESTING staff

Quote:Name of site/forum/blog : ...

Link to forum : ...
Genre/Niche : ...
Forum Software : ... (e.g Xenforo, MyBB, IPB etc)
Total number of posts the forum has received : ...
Seeking : ... (admin/moderator/other)
Paid Position : ... (yes/no)
If Paid, How Much : ...
Additional Information : ...
How do you wish to be contacted? (FFU PM/Site PM/Email)...

Form for OFFERING your services

Quote:Position requested : ... (admin/global mod/forum mod/other)

Past experiences : ... (forums you've admind/moderated/created/designed/others)
Genre/Niche: ... (what genre/niche of forum are you looking to get involved with?)
Forum software you're familiar with : ... (IPB, vB, phpBB, MyBB, Xenforo etc)
Area of expertise : ... (troublesome users, advertising, server administration, coding, etc)
Why are you offering your time to someone : ...
Additional Information: ...
How do you wish to be contacted? (FFU PM/Email)...

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