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Our Monthly Traffic Stats !
Posted by: NomanProdhan - 11-02-2014, 09:31 PM - Forum: Forum Rules, FAQ and Announcements - Replies (8)

Hello! Everybody

From today (02.11.2014) I will share our monthly traffic stats with you all. Because I think that our every member should know about our monthly traffic stats. Every month I will upload a monthly traffic stats screenshot which I will take from our Awstats statistics. There is the traffic stats of October month.......

[Image: October2014.png]
Please subscribe to this thread for receiving notification every month.  Remember that every month I will reply in this thread with our monthly traffic stats screenshot.

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Get a custom badge
Posted by: NomanProdhan - 10-24-2014, 04:41 PM - Forum: Forum Rules, FAQ and Announcements - No Replies

Hello Everybody !!
As I notice that currently  there we have some members who are DESIGNER/GPT SITE OWNER/DEVELOPER. So I made some deterrent groups for those members. Now you can join those groups. [Image: thumbsup.gif]

Currently we have below user-groups for our member. . . .


GFX DESIGNER group requirements : 

  • You will need to have minimum 25 posts
  • You will need to share some of your graphics work in our Graphics Showcase section 

GPT SITE OWNER group requirements : 
  • You will need to have your own GPT/PTC site. 
  • Your site should not be a scam site
  • You will need to have minimum 30 posts

DEVELOPER group requirements :  
  • You will need to have minimum 35 posts
  • You will need to have some posts related to web designing/php/HTML/CSS or other coding
  • You will need to have good knowledge about web development. 

FORUM OWNER group requirements :  
  • You will need to have a active community forum
  • You will need to have a top level domain (e.g. .com , .net etc) for your forum
  • Your forum shouldn't have any illegal adult content 
  • Your forum will need to have minimum 600 threads or posts. 
  • You will need to have minimum 25 posts

WEB HOST group requirements :  
  • You will need to be a web hosting provider company's owner or staff
  • You will need to have your shared/reseller/dedicated/vps or other hosting service offer listed in our Hosting offer section. 
  • You will need to have minimum 25 posts
If you think that you meet with the requirements than please send a membership upgrading application to me via pm. 

I didn't provide any example application. Just use your creative head and send a application.

Very soon we will add more groups....

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We have just reset the FFU Coin to $5
Posted by: NomanProdhan - 10-19-2014, 06:47 PM - Forum: Forum Rules, FAQ and Announcements - No Replies

Hello  Everybody

From today you can cashout your FFU Coin into real cash via PayPal. For this reason we just reset all the account's FFU Coin in $5 this mean now every member have FFU Coin $5
We are very sorry for this.

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Now you can make favorite thread !!
Posted by: NomanProdhan - 10-17-2014, 12:14 PM - Forum: Forum Rules, FAQ and Announcements - No Replies

We have just add a plugin called Favorite Thread. By using this plugin on FFU, our member can make favorite thread and they can read their favorite thread from their User CP. There is a simple tutorial about, how you can add favorite thread ??

To mark a thread as one of your favorites:

  1. Navigate to the thread you wish to mark as a favorite.
  2. Click the 'Add thread to favorites' link towards the bottom of the page.
Please see the screenshot......

To read or remove your favorite(s) thread just go to your User CP and click Favorite Threads option from your left menu. Please see the screenshot......

I hope you all will like this update. Thumbs Up

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We are now on Tapatalk !!
Posted by: NomanProdhan - 10-14-2014, 05:29 PM - Forum: Forum Rules, FAQ and Announcements - No Replies

Our forum is now accessible on Tapatalk! Tapatalk is a free forum app for your smartphone that lets you share photos, post, and reply to discussions on our community easily on-the-go.

Download Tapatalk here:

Add Forum For U to Tapatalk:
(If this link doesn't work, simply search "www.forumforu.net" from the Tapatalk Explore tab.)

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Post Based User Ranking
Posted by: NomanProdhan - 10-03-2014, 03:24 PM - Forum: Forum Rules, FAQ and Announcements - No Replies

[Image: FFU_RANKING_17.png]

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We are looking for staff member !
Posted by: NomanProdhan - 10-02-2014, 06:39 PM - Forum: Forum Rules, FAQ and Announcements - No Replies


What you need to do:

  • Remove spam post from specific forum
  • Ban spammers
  • You will need to help other members 
  • Remove any virus affected link
  • Ban spammers
  • Help us to promote FFU

  • Must be 14+ years old
  • Good English experience
  • Must have 15 non-spam posts on FFU
  • Must have a flexible mind
  • Must be active on FFU
  • Must have general knowledge about moderation
  • General knowledge about MyBB forum software (optional)
Benefits :
  • Your username will be listed on our Forum Team page
  • Colored username
  • You can change your username at anytime
  • You can use a custom user title
  • Can access moderator panel
  • Can manage forum announcements (Before creating announcements you will need permeation of Support Team or FFU Owner)
  • Moderator user bar
  • Can participate on our staff forum
  • Can sent warning to other members (Without any reason you can't sent warning to other members)
  • Our all staff member can display a banner on our footer for free
  • Much more !!

Some notes:
  • If you don't have enough time to handle moderator actions, don't even apply.
  • If you don't even know how to handle moderator actions, don't even apply
  • If you want financial help from us for moderating FFU than don't apply
  • We have all the rights to reject your application
If you're interested in being a part of the FFU team, please send your application to "NomanProdhan" by using PM system.

I won't give you an application example, since I want to see your creativity and skills.

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Advertising on Forum For U !!
Posted by: NomanProdhan - 09-24-2014, 09:23 PM - Forum: Forum Rules, FAQ and Announcements - No Replies

Forum For U welcome companies and vendors who wish to advertise their businesses, services and products on this forum. Our rates are very affordable and we do not make it a habit to increase ad prices when it isn't needed. Please have a look at our Statistics Page to see some basic statistics of our community.
Note : In some ad zone we use banner rotation script to display banners on our forum. This means that your banner will show on some page loads and it might not show on other page loads.
Our Ad Positions & Rates:

Ad Position : Header Banner Ad Zone - Rotating Ad
Accepted Banner Size : 728X90pixel
Prices :
  • Weekly Cost : $7.00 USD
  • Monthly Cost : $22.50 USD

Ad Position : Post-bit Static Banner Ad Zone - Non-rotating Ad
Accepted Banner Size : 728X90pixel
Prices :
  • Weekly Cost : $8.80 USD
  • Monthly Cost : $30.00 USD
Note : This banner zone's banner will be displayed after every 1st, 3rd and 5th posts on every thread. This is a static banner ad zone and we will not use any banner rotation script so we will only accept one banner per week/month.

Ad Position : Footer Banner Ad Zone - Rotating Ad
Accepted Banner Size : 728X90pixel
Prices :
  • Weekly Cost : $5.00 USD
  • Monthly Cost : $17.00 USD

Sticky Ad
Stick your thread in one of our section.
Price :
  • Monthly Cost : $5.00 USD
468x60 Banner Ad in forum description
This is our special banner ad zone. We will place your 468x60 banner in any section description. For example if you want to advertise your web hosting services then we will add your banner in every section which related to Web Hosting. 
Prices :
  • Weekly Cost : $7.00 USD
  • Monthly Cost : $22.00 USD
We know that many advertiser don't like random banner advertising and want to publish their ads on a non-rotating ad zone. If you want we can offer you static banner advertising in any ad zone we listed above. For this please contact us and we will discuss for the price.
Terms of Advertising
  • There are no refunds so please decide fully before purchasing advertisements through our community. 
  • We only accept PayPalPayza and bKash (for Bangladesh only) as payment method. 
  • Adult advertising are not allowed
  • You can't advertise any illegal content
  • We have all the rights to reject your ads at anytime for any reason

If you would like to advertise on our community , please send me private message or send email  at admin@forumforu.net 

Thank you for your interest in advertising with Forum For U and we look forward to doing business with you soon!

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What is FFU Coin ? How to earn FFU Coin ??
Posted by: NomanProdhan - 09-21-2014, 08:29 PM - Forum: Forum Rules, FAQ and Announcements - No Replies

[Image: FFUC.png]

Forum For U is an open place for discussion and FFU Coin (a.k.a FFUC) is our virtual currency. You can earn FFUC simply and easily by participating on our forum. You  can use your FFUC to buy and sell goods and services and exchange for traditional, real world currency (USD).

So, lets see how can you earn FFUC !
  • FFUC 2.00 Per Thread
  • FFUC 1.00 Per Post
  • FFUC 0.20 Per Poll
  • FFUC 0.10 Per Reply (When someone will reply on your thread you will get FFUC $0.25)
  • FFUC 20 Per Referral (When your referred member will reach 80 posts, you will need to contact me to claim your FFUC $20)

Minimum Requirements to Get Paid
You will need to have minimum 100 characters in your thread/post to get paid.

You can also earn more money by making helpful articles & tutorials. You can earn FFUC $10 to FFUC $100 per article or tutorial.

You will need to write article or tutorial and will need to send the article/tutorial link to me through PM. Then we will check the article within 7 days and will get back to you.

Minimum Requirements to get Approved your Articles
  • Your article/tutorial will need to have minimum 450 words
  • Your article/tutorial should include detailed and helpful information
  • Submitted article/tutorial must be original. NO COPY PASTE !
  • Your article/tutorial must be in  standard version of English, with good spelling and grammar
  • You can submit one article/tutorial per day.

Please click here to learn more about article writing.

What you can Buy with FFUC from us ?
  • Web Hosting
  • Signature Advertising
  • Banner Advertising at Header, Footer or Post-Bit
  • Text Advertising at Footer
  • Graphics Design (Banners & Logo)
  • Sticky for your thread

You can also sell your services to earn FFUC. For this please use our FFUC Marketplace

Useful Links

If you need any help or have any question then feel free to send me pm.

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Global Forum Rules & Terms (Last Updated on 23 December 2016)
Posted by: NomanProdhan - 09-05-2014, 05:11 PM - Forum: Forum Rules, FAQ and Announcements - No Replies

FORUM FOR U is an open place for discussion. If you want to participate on our community  than you will need to follow below rules and terms.............

  • You can't post any illegal or copyright protected content
  • You should not have more than one account from one IP address. If we find multiple accounts from one IP than we will banned all of your account
  • You can't put any shorten URL(s) [ e. g. Adfly, LinkBucks, Googl etc) in your posts
  • You can't post anything related pornography, nuddity, gambling etc
  • You can't make duplicate threads and posts
  • Respect fellow members and FFU Staffs.
  • You can't use any bad words
  • You can't sell your FFU account. 
  • You can't discuss anything related politics, religion, drugs etc.
  • You can make replies on your own threads but don't make replies with very short word like Bump, Bump of the Day etc.
  • We will not allow any PM (Private Message)  Spamming.. If you caught by doing this, you will be banned .
  • You will need to have minimum 25posts to add clickable links in your threads/replies.
  • Inactive account will be deleted every month
Terms of Services

Terms For Members Content
FFU is  an open place for discussion. For this reason we don't have any control over our members thread/replies. They have rights to share their own opinion here. However, if you find any content which should not be here than please report us about that content. We will review your report and if we will get anything wrong than we will remove that content.

We have all the rights to change above rules and terms at anytime for any reason with or without notice.

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