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moneygoldforum - is back
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moneygoldforum - is back
hello people,

moneygoldforum is back as paid to post website, and whoever wants to cash out just PM the admin and he will get the cash.
5$ is the minimum to cash out, all you need to know is to send a message to the admin and you will get paid.
this website is coming back strong so help him again, give it last try.
you can always get referrals, post add threads and follow the rules, they had some issues thats why they went down but from now on they are strong and they will pay all the members.


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Thanks for confirming that and i am very pleased to know that as well. I just contacted the admin of Money Gold Forum and surely he's a honest person and paid me my ten dollars payment in few seconds. I would request all the co members who are already there to start participating there and we all can do well on the website and those who haven't joined can join the website and earn and learn from there. Also you can find my payment proof as attached. I am just posting that to help all to know that this website is legit and paying. Good luck to all.

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Woow that's very awesome I'll do it right now although I can't remember my login details and I'll like to know how many points are equivalent to $5 because initially it was 1000 points for $5 Is it still holding or things have changed.Thanks for confirming this to us.MGF was one of my best forum and because so sad when it went down but noe that its back I hope it will not disappear again as before and made the members lose hope in it.


it is still 1000 point = 5$ but they are doing a great job, they paid all users and they are going back again and strong, join this forum and start posting and get more referrals to get paid more and faster, but to count as a referral (? the user should post 3 posts to count as active referral) im glad you guys are excited about moneygoldforum.

this website is going to be one of the biggest forums ever.


Mgf used to be my best site ever and I love the way things run there and am glad its back.But the issues comes I with the post limit.The day before yesterday when I logged in it was 200 characters and initially it was 100 characters today is at 350 characters and am not sure tomorrow it will shift to how many characters.The admin should at least stick by his rules and tell us how many characters we need to post in that forum.


now they decreased to 150 characters and they are paying all members.

this website is awesome.

Also i just saw this post that they are hiring people to work moneygoldforum, open this link and apply for the jobs.
this website is getting bigger and bigger i think it just need support.

all what you have to do is to open this link and send a pm to MONEYGOLDFORUM admin and answer all the questions so you can work with them.

i applied for this job and i think they will pay good for these jobs.


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