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low-cost powerful dedicated servers?
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low-cost powerful dedicated servers?
I need #1 web host, I would like to get low-cost powerful dedicated hosting plans.
I have found these two web hosts:
Digitalserver.com.mx & Okayservers.com
What can you say about their hosting services?
How are their hosting solutions? What host is better?

Any fresh discounts or promos offered by them?

I'd recommend you to use servers from time-tested companies, I mean HostingSource.com and QHoster.com.
Reliable and always, always excellent technical service. They have been able to answer yoir questions, provide technical direction and have allowed me to experience peace-of-mind just knowing they are there to help when you need it most!


I recommend digitalserver.com.mx affordable Mexican hosting for those who want to host their blogs and see them online.
It has done a great job at evaluating the competition and narrowing it down to a handful of highly qualified services.


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