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find all post
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find all post
Sir , I browse the forum but i can not se a place writing "find all post" for a user, please i don't know if i have not search well , and possibly there is no feature like that. sir i want to make a suggestion if we can have it so that a user will be able to have all his posts for re-checked,it is a suggestion sir. Thanks for you good administration.

We already have feature like this. You can find all the posts/threads of a user from post-bit or profile. Please see below screenshots to understand the system...
From Post-Bit
[Image: nIwlAKy.png]
From Profile
[Image: hGci3vt.png]

If you will need anymore help then feel free to ask.



Thanks so much , you are really impresing ,one of the quality of good forum is quick response to to the question and problems of the forum user, i appriciate you sir,you will not be tired in all your efforts to bring forum together and carry the forum user along.


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