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bonus cash out with payza and how?
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bonus cash out with payza and how?
Good day sir,
               please , I am a new member here,first and foremost I appriciate this forum administrators, thank to them for all their efforts, please ,from the look of thing it seem we have the previledge of cashing out with payza as a means of payment now,according to what i read in the forum but i am confused as i still see in another place deny that ,please  if it is so sir, I am using this medium to ask the way to go about using the payment system, and the way to make the request,please help. thanks for the response in advance.
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Hello @roaec
First thank you very much for your feedback. Currently we are accepting PayPal, Paza and bKash (bKash for Bangladesh only). You can convert your FFUC with our three payment method. But for this you will need to meet with our minimum payout requirements. To know about our requirements please read this thread : http://forumforu.net/thread-473.html

Please let me know if you need anymore information.

Best regards
Noman Prodhan


Wao! sir , you are great , quick reply to this post is a joy to me, thanks for your good administration.more grease to your elbow, long life FFu and long life to my co-forumer. Thank you sir.


You are welcome. I hope you will be active in our community and will earn good money with us. If you will need anymore help just feel free to ask.



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