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arthurchappell checking in
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arthurchappell checking in
Hi, I just discovered this forum, thanks to a referral by my good friend Supersingh. I guess my profile autobiography will tell you most basic information on who I am, being a writer, a poet, an ex-cult recruit, blah blah, yada yada. 

I look forward to reading and replying to threads and sharing my own thoughts, etc. Cheers folks, As you can hopefully tell, i'm not always to be taken too seriously. There will be threads without my wry flippant sense of humour but this isn't one of them. You can also find me on Mylot, and Beermoneyforum - some of you may possibly even remember me from the now defunct Bubblews and Triond sites too. 

I'm not out to make a fortune here or through other sites. I write because I enjoy writing. Much of my work is horror, science fiction and fantasy related and many of my postings here will draw on my real life experiences. Don't expect Confucius - just confusion. 

My music, movie and TV tastes are legion, though I hate sport and soap opera and peas. I love a good curry though. 

I'm likely to write on just about any topic under the sun, regardless of whether I actually know anything about it. I generally write best when drunk so I'm sorry I was quite sober when I wrote this introduction. 

My photo shows me looking reasonably dapper and romantic though I generally slob out in jeans and tee shirts and look like Tracy Emin's bed sheets. 

Arthur Chappell

Post Script - I do have a bachelor of arts degree in Literature and philosophy, but my mind rarely lets me prove it.
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Welcome I am Tina and enjoy this site here and I hope you will as well. I wish you well here. I am working hard to get to my first payout here.


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