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Zazzle Affiliate Links?
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Zazzle Affiliate Links?
I signed up for the zazzle yesterday. And I am going to promote some of the products on the zazzle. They share some percentage with the affiliate creators. So it seems like a good opportunity. Have you tried zazzle?

zazzle is best for me as others did make me any money. you get supports and also can show your latest design on forum post, so other can see your products..zazzle not only let you earn from your store also help you promote by forum discussion and marketplace list your products ..

so, you have more chance to make sales everyday..
my last sale was a tie I putted on forum post for new creation and it was sold within next three days..

What are some of your tips with zazzle? have you made money with specific product or design? What did you tried that worked for you. I wish to make sure I earn some good money too but so far not many clicks on my designs. so it is kind of demotivating.

Designs should be good and unique. If you have theme about the store then it is best just create store with theme name like halloween or other festival. This will give you more attension by visitors.
About promotion, do the simple tasks what we already know - forum posts, signature, social posts.. you can create blog and show all the products there..
zazzle marketplace do all the job..

My first product was a envalope and postcard "cup of tea" I designed it on MS Paint. I do not know how I got sales, I just create 1000 pixle of width and uploaded to zazzle and just busy on another desing. After some days a mail from them for my resent sale was stopped me scolling the page and I see zazzle product was sold..nearly $0.3 was my commision (I did not recall adjact amount)
But I can say you can make good money if you have good designs, it does not means qulity design like on envato, canstock and other image market place but good means clear image and your aim.

Mostly people have blog and we also use zazzle forum to show our new designs. I got one sale from my first day of posting (I had 4-5 post on some forum thread) it was bitcoin tie..

I am struggling on the product side. So I do everything within my hands to do most of the design and the promotion. i know its not easy to get enough sales. but just throwing things out there to see how that is going to work for me.

You really need to promote for all creation, zazzle marketplace just plus point that you do not need to care for search result.

Just get the most demading desings and products.

What I have found that in case of the zazzzle. The type of design and the type of affiliate links promotion from the forum and the social media makes sense. So I try to push as much genuine stuff as I can. This way things can get in much better way.

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