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What is your feedback about new hosting sites ?
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What is your feedback about new hosting sites ?
There are many old and new hosting site. Lets share our opinion about new hosting sites . . .
I think that most of new hosting sites could not get clients for this reason most of new hosting site go down . . . . What do you think about new hosting site ?

All the new hosting sites are not trusted. But i think that we should give a chance to the new hosting sites. Thumbs Up

[Image: FCgKq6Jl.png]

From my opinion we should ignore the new hosting sites. But we can use them when they will 1 or 2 years old.

but sometimes one hardly recognize website age, some hosts dont mention it. i quite pick host based on their website design too
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Supporting New Hosting Site will not be down eventually. This is how Business starts.

The Internet is flooded with hosting sites and there is stiff competition.  But many of them are just scams and they will just disappear with your money.  So pls do proper review.

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