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What is the best host for e-commercing?
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What is the best host for e-commercing?
I would like to make a notion on the e-hosting market. What are good web hosts?
Need over 20 gbs of disk space.
Linux, 1 TB of bandwidth + helpful and skillful technical customer support.

What can you say about Libertyvps.net or Swisslayer.com web hosting services?
One of my friends recommended me to try one of these guys.

What are your points on these hosts? What is better for e-commercing?

Libertyvps.net and Swisslayer.com provide attractive and reliable services taking into account the amount of resources included in their plans.
Support has been responsive and on point. They would be good for any level of customer, and yes I would recommend them to anyone.
Great price and great service. Easy to use software.
Great Cpanel software for managing the servers or individual accounts!!!


Do not go to the sites that say top 10 hosting or anything of the likes because those are affiliate sites and for them the best host will be the one that pays them the most for passing you on to them.

I would give Libertyvps.net bitcoin offshore web host in Netherlands a try. If you asked me to pick a single phrase to capture my experience, I'd say they have been totally reliable. They will often go the extra mile to help out with stuff that isn't really their job. They are really transparent and timely in communicating about the glitches when they (rarely) happen. Highly recommended.


When you go to their homepage, do you feel like you are looking at a professional company that you could trust with your money and website? If no. Why? Is it because there website looks dodgy or because there terms and conditions seem to be very vague indeed. Then look for something else because you should feel in good about your host since you will be spending quite sometime with them (hopefully).

My previous host was so bad, my site was down almost daily, I found swisslayer.com and have never looked back.
My site has never been down as a cause of their servers and my pages load very fast. I've never really called in for phone support, but it is available as well 7 days a weeks if I ever needed to use it.


You know Libertyvps.net and Swisslayer.com hosting providers are solid and trustworthy and I want to say that their plans are full of useful resources and uptime is high and network is fully-redundant.
Their support is really good. When you ask them to look at your problem, they are really quick. The communicate is really good, because they keep you updated in every step. They are worth every cent you pay for their services.


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