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What is FFU Coin ? How to earn FFU Coin ??
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What is FFU Coin ? How to earn FFU Coin ??
[Image: FFUC.png]

Forum For U is an open place for discussion and FFU Coin (a.k.a FFUC) is our virtual currency. You can earn FFUC simply and easily by participating on our forum. You  can use your FFUC to buy and sell goods and services and exchange for traditional, real world currency (USD).

So, lets see how can you earn FFUC !
  • FFUC 2.00 Per Thread
  • FFUC 1.00 Per Post
  • FFUC 0.20 Per Poll
  • FFUC 0.10 Per Reply (When someone will reply on your thread you will get FFUC $0.25)
  • FFUC 20 Per Referral (When your referred member will reach 80 posts, you will need to contact me to claim your FFUC $20)

Minimum Requirements to Get Paid
You will need to have minimum 100 characters in your thread/post to get paid.

You can also earn more money by making helpful articles & tutorials. You can earn FFUC $10 to FFUC $100 per article or tutorial.

You will need to write article or tutorial and will need to send the article/tutorial link to me through PM. Then we will check the article within 7 days and will get back to you.

Minimum Requirements to get Approved your Articles
  • Your article/tutorial will need to have minimum 450 words
  • Your article/tutorial should include detailed and helpful information
  • Submitted article/tutorial must be original. NO COPY PASTE !
  • Your article/tutorial must be in  standard version of English, with good spelling and grammar
  • You can submit one article/tutorial per day.

Please click here to learn more about article writing.

What you can Buy with FFUC from us ?
  • Web Hosting
  • Signature Advertising
  • Banner Advertising at Header, Footer or Post-Bit
  • Text Advertising at Footer
  • Graphics Design (Banners & Logo)
  • Sticky for your thread

You can also sell your services to earn FFUC. For this please use our FFUC Marketplace

Useful Links

If you need any help or have any question then feel free to send me pm.

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