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What do you think about Hostgato???
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What do you think about Hostgato???
I am thinking to use Hostgator hosting service. But I don't know much about their service. So...if you guys used their service than please share your experience!!!

I have tried their service. They provide good quality hosting and support.

I didn't use their service but I heard good feedback about their service.

I didn't use their services but I heard positive feedback about their service and they really have Good Reputation for their services. Big Grin

Have you signed up with the mentioned company?

I use Godaddy and satisfied with their service.  But Hostgator is also a good option to try.

Hostgator.com is competent , yet expensive for those with a limited budget who do not make much money online.

Hostgator was one of the oldest host, but due to hostgator now a EIG company, so alot of people move. But it really depend on yourself, as their do offer money back, sign-up and unhappy just cancel and refund.

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