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What do you do if your forum activity will go down ?
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What do you do if your forum activity will go down ?
There are lots of community forum. But most of them don't have much active members and also don't have much posts. Some forum get members and posts on the starting point but some days later most of the activity go down. So, if your forum is not getting much new members daily, new posts etc. in one word if your forum activity will go down than what you will do ?

For me, I will try to promote my forum on several popular communities and also will hire some paid poster. After all this, If I will not get much activity than badly I will shut down my forum. Sad

Promote the forum but give some incentive for new members eg free ads competition and incensitise existing members with similar.

There are several ways to attract people to join a forum. For example you can make referral contest with cash prize, posting contest etc. You will also need to promote your forum on several popular community forums. SEO is also most important. Perhaps, you will need to make interesting and attractive post on your forum.

[Image: FCgKq6Jl.png]

I am all right with you  Sadness

Small money

If i will got this type of problem than i will offer cool and attractive cash prizes for the members.

The first thing what I would do is get some new contests running, try for post exchanges and would request package team members to post.

I would make a lot of sharing Big Grin

This is a very alarming situations towards the death of the forum.  So you need to act quickly and invest enough time and effort in marketing your forum.  One of the best ways  is to take help a good forum umbrella and thus you can ensure quality posts too.

I will try promoting the forum and launch some competitions, if the forum still does not get activity  then I will close it as it would be waste of money and time.

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