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We will not pay you anymore !!
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We will not pay you anymore !!
Hello everybody
Today I have the worst news for you all ! We will no longer be paid to post forum. We will not pay you anymore for making posts. Yes, I know its wired but I have to make this decision. From the last few months our forum activity is going down and our advertiser's loosing their interest to advertise their bossiness here. For this reason we will not be able to pay you anymore ! But we will stay online as a normal community forum. You can still make discussions here but you will not get paid for that. We are very sorry for this. I hope you guys will understand our problems.

We have cleared all of our pending payment request. But rest of the user who have FFUC in their account they won't be able to withdraw their earnings. I know that we should send you notice about this but we made this decision within very short time and that is why we didn't send you any notice. Don't think that we are scammer and going away by taking thousands dollars from you !! We have paid you for last two years and we have paid you all nearly 2K+ USD and at this moment only few members reached the minimum withdraw limit. However, we believe that you guys will understand our problem !!!!!

I hope you guys will continue making discussions here.

Best regards
Noman Prodhan

New look, nice.
After login I saw notice on top. I thought I did some spam posts..but it is not my fault, it is decision of the admin.

I understand why forumforu is no longer a paying forum. Not a paid to post forum. I have seen many forum and community sites and other paying sites including PTCs, which are now closed. Most of PTCs are scammers but some were really good and closed because of same issue..

Whatever the reason is, earning through this forum was my second point while joining, first is a community (webmaster/knowledge/shares)..I will stay with forumforu ..

This new theme is really cool. Big Grin Its looking much professional then previous one and I have little sad for this decision. However, but I am still happy that you guys will stay online. I will stay with you guys for learning new things. Big Grin
I like the VIP membership features. I will like to buy VIP membership. I have already sent you pm but didn't get any reply. I hope you will reply me soon. Thumbs Up

I don't care if you guys will pay or not. I am not here to earn money. I am here to share knowledge and also for learning new things. Big Grin However, this theme is pretty cool.

@Mitu I think you will not need to buy VIP membership for getting those features. Because you have 2K+ posts Big Grin but if you want VIP badge then yeah..you will need to buy the membership. by the by VIP membership price is really too low Big Grin I will buy later Wink

Yeah @Shakil10 , I know that. But I will like to have the VIP badge and that is why I have bought the membership for one year Big Grin

Sad news. Hope things come back to normal. I'll be around checking in from time to time. Also looking forward to your progress with other projects. Do keep the forum updated.

I was never paid and it sucks that you don't pay anymore.Mylot did away with payment system but brought it back after a couple of years.I hope you do the same.

I do not think that this is a big problem, all right.

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