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We are very sorry for the downtime !
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We are very sorry for the downtime !
Hello guys
First I want to say sorry to you all for the unwanted downtime. I know you guys don't like downtime.
Actually we had experienced some unwanted bugs in our point system and for that bug it was not updating user's account balance after making replies/comment.
It was a bad night for me. Because I had work nearly 6+ hours to find out the bug. But still happy because we have find out the bug and our theme developer also help me a lot.. However, now the point system is working fine [Image: thumbsup.gif]
Thanks to @ LEGEND and @Sadness for their report. You guys deserve some rewards. I will send some rewards tomorrow.
Okay, guys I need to go now as its nearly 5 AM here and I am too much tired as I had work more then 13 hours today. [Image: 64 (23).png]
If you have got any other bug or still getting the same issue then please report here.

Thanks for your understanding.

I was just refreshing the page to see when it will come online Big Grin However happy to hear that you guys solved the issue and 13 hours working time is really huge  [Image: amazed2.png]
Take rest Thumbs Up

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