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We are very sorry for the downtime !
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We are very sorry for the downtime !
Hello everybody
Today our site was down for several hours. We had reach our bandwidth limit and that is why our site was offline for several hours. However, I have upgrade our current plan and now our site in online again.
We are really very sorry for this unwanted problem.

I hope you guys will understand our problem.

Best regards
Noman Prodhan

I guess all of us expect such types of problems in the technology world. 
My sincere sympathies to those who suffered inconviniences due to this outage.

no problem admin Smile
i didn't feel that problem Smile
have a nice day

I guess it's nice you had enough traffic to reach the limit. That being said upgrade to a VPS/Cloud Server (or even a dedi if you have the funds). They generally either don't have limits, or you just pay per GB (my cloud server host charges around $0.15/GB trafered). Just my thoughts Smile

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