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Turbo C++

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Turbo C++ vs CodeBlocks ! Which is better ?
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Turbo C++ vs CodeBlocks ! Which is better ?
C C++

I am using CodeBlocks for compiling my C programs. I have also used Turbo C++ but I didn't like that one. I think CodeBlocks is better than Turbo C++ . What do you think ? Which is better from your side ?

Turbo C++ is a compiler bundled with an IDE targeting MS-Windows. Code Block is an IDE supporting several compilers and platforms. That is the main difference between these two tools, so you are not comparing exactly the same things.However, I always use Code::Blocks. So my vote will goes to Code::Blocks Big Grin

[Image: FCgKq6Jl.png]

Turbo C++ doesnt confirm to the standard to the new C++. I think for that reason people are moving to GCC, Codeblocks and visual studio. I think codeblocks is lightweight and easy to use.

Turbo C++ is a popular compiler but Code::Block compiler is easy to use. I always use Code::Blocks.
So, I think Code::Blocks  is better then Turbo C++.

Another important point to note is that Turbo C++ is officially discontinued for many years from now on. So it is not the IDE that should be used for the final production line programs. And should be avoided at all costs other than educational use.

i used for 4 years in highschool codeblocks(was helpful with that tips who show where you was wrong)and it works Fine. i didn't tryed Turbo++ .

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