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To make attractive.
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To make attractive.
To make attractive offers via a variety of deposits and widgets for investing money in the Forex market there are many brokers that will promise traders. With the regulated Forex broker Forex4you I am working and enjoying fastest withdraw and deposit system. In this market scammers will show such interesting offers but in real life they will never give you the actual benefits. So I am safely using their withdraw and no minimum deposit service.

Gulffx.com company is a scam. Kindly I paid to this company 11740 dollars and I have no opened deals with them or any orders on their platform but for more than 3 weeks I m asking them to send back my money they are refusing and I send them many withdrawal requests and emails to close my account they are still refusing keeping promising to pay but no action please I need help, to get my money back. Don't know what to do exactly.


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