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Someone using resellerspanel hosting..?
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Someone using resellerspanel hosting..?
Is someone using resellerspanel reseller hosting and providing service to people?
Or someone hosting own website provided by them?

I did have any negative review about resellerpanel service but want to know if people like to purchase from any resellers..

Currnetly I am hosted with Hawkhost and they seem to have some decent plans for the reseller hosting. I wish to use their servie If I were to switch to the reseller hosting permanently or for business purpose. I can recommend them based on peersona views. also there are many others like rackspace etc.


I am promoting web hosting service by resellerspanel, which is free.
Using my domain name and still do not have any sale. I can not purchase it to make professional lookand use own dns..

Do you think I can even get some sales...?


Services can be experienced only after availing the service and web hosting is also as service. Hence one can experience the service only after the service is availed. Some users sign up for the minimum duration with the web host to test their service.


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