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Solid and trustworthy VPS at rock-bottome rates
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Solid and trustworthy VPS at rock-bottome rates
QHoster.com and hostingsource.com provide VPS deals on lovely conditions and I need to know which way would you follow if you were me?
They have servers which are low cost and they offer a lo9t of useful resources which are helpful for running a website in a quality manner.
So it is important for me to know what you know about their activity in the Internet to choose the best and right account for me.
So what is your would-be choice?

Use VPS accounts from time-tested companies, I mean libertyvps.net and oissite.com.
I want to say that their support is super available! I have several plans for my projects, and I can truly say that they are the best at hosting. Very fast answers, big support!
These companies are great in all aspects!
1. Speed is very good. Tested on pingdom and found load time is 3s without cache .
2. Live chat support is ok.
3.Ticket response is sometimes quick and slow depending on work time I think.
4. Uptime is good.


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