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Slick Carousel
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Slick Carousel
If you are developing your website and need the carousel. Then do take a look at the slick carousel. They have very good code for the carousel. And the effect is also good too. It needs to be seen how the carousel is visible and how much investment has to be done. You can check the code here : http://kenwheeler.github.io/

Yes that is true but its like the website is down right now maybe I will try and check it out latar for more clarification and I think this have a good and major role to play within me so there is nothing like second disapointment but I think the website will be up soon maybe the admin is doing some maintenance within it

Website opens just fine for me and there is no issue there. It does not seem like down for me. You may want to check your internet connection. and the slick carousel demo can be accessed too.  I just found out it is there for me.

Yes I think it is accessible now but the problem is majority of the people I recommend it to still see it as been outdated and it is like they dont update their program often as it use to be for sure

It is not outdated. You have to go on the official website as explained earlier. And on that site you can find the latest version. As most of the people do find the updated version of the services on the site. and from there you can find the downloads.

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