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Read this before run a Paid To Post forum !
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Read this before run a Paid To Post forum !
Paid To Post is another good way of online earning. But there we don't have much forums which paying their members for general activity. In the past few months I've joined many Paid to post forum but most of them are offline/stop paying. In this time I've earn little knowledge about Paid to Post forum. I want to share my experience with you all.

Some facts you should have in mind before opening a PTP forum and those are......>>>

Before making a Paid to Post forum you will need to have large investment. If you don't have money than don't open a Paid to Post forum. Because if you will not have enough money than you will not be able to pay your members and you will scam Tongue You will need to have good experience about forum administration and also will need to have patient to promote your forum.

One thing always remember that , there are no guarantee that you will be able to make profit by running your own Paid to Post forum.

Share your tips for making Paid To Post forum. I hope you all will share your opinion.

I have also observed that a lot of forums stopped paying to their members.  I think forum umbrellas like Postloop or forumwheel can help a lot in this case.  You can even work as a content writer there and earn credit and the same can be used to get traffic to your forums.

I completely agree with you, we need a large investment to start forums that pay money or else you will just loose your forum reputation. On the other hand Postloop or forumwheel are the best alternatives.

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