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Paypal Problem Solution for Pakistanis
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Paypal Problem Solution for Pakistanis
Hello everyone.. As we all know, Paypal is the number 1 payment processor available but for some reasons Pakistanis aren't allowed to verify their accounts.. Today I will show you, how one can create a Paypal verified account and use it for receiving payments from FFU or other PTC/GPT sites..

First of all, you should google about payoneer and should have knowledge about what Payoneer is.. 

For all those who aren't aware of Payoneer : Payoneer is a financial services business that provides online money transfer and e-payment services. Payoneer is a registered Member Service Provider of MasterCard Worldwide.

STEP # 1] Order the Payoneer MasterCard (it's free)

As many of you know, Paypal is not working in Pakistan, so the only alternative I see to paypal is Payoneer, because you can actually receive money from Paypal to your payoneer card. Now when you’ve decided to use Payoneer master card then you may simply go to Payoneer website in order to create an account & order a card, but I’ll give you a direct link from where you can join Payoneer & order your card, but you’ll also get $25 dollars free when you activate your card & receive some money, here is the link:

Join Payoneer Now
Ok, fill all the details correctly & accurately, especially, enter correct address, so you can easily receive the card on time.

STEP # 2] Activate the Card (it's free too)

After you ordered the card, wait for 10 to 20 days, so you can receive the card, after receiving your card, the first thing you can do is to activate your card, when you login to your account, it will show you activation link to activate your card and generate a New PIN for your card, you just need to do those two steps. After that you are all good to go.

STEP # 3] Create a Paypal Account

Simply create an account on Paypal, but keep in mind do not use any Pakistani address as it won't allow you to create an account.. Fake address generators can be used for this purpose.. You can easily search them on google.. Another thing to keep in mind is that your name should exactly match as what is printed on the Payoneer card that you received in previous step.
Click Here to Create an Account

STEP # 4] Link Paypal with Payoneer

If you have done the previous steps, now it's time to link the Payoneer card with your Paypal Account. 
Log into your Paypal Account and search the Add a Bank/Link a Bank option. In this you have to type your Bank name and your MasterCard number. By doing this your Paypal account will get verified and will get linked to your Payoneer account, which means that you can easily transfer money from your Paypal to your MasterCard.

STEP # 5] Cashout via ATM

Transfer funds that you want to cashout from Paypal to Payoneer. Transfer process usually takes 4 business days. Now when received in payoneer, you can simply cashout those funds by using your MasterCard in ATM. UBL, MCB or Standard Charted Bank support the Payoneer MasterCard. Or you can also use this card for online shopping on websites like AliExpress..

i donate you ffu coin can you send me in return easypaisa?

Do you have a solution as I am pakistan and payoneer no longer works with PayPal. Payoneer was recently banned so I cannot get funds out.

I would love a solution as I am in desperately in need of help

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