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Paypal Donations
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Paypal Donations
So how many of you have used the paypal donation to raise the money for the website. what are some of the ways under which the paypal donations can be raised. any idea how the money can be made online? how do you plan on doing the use of the kiva on your platform? any ideas?

you plan on doing the use of the kiva on your platform? any ideas?!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There is not much money one can receive from donation. Even I asked about this on some webmaster forum, people reply they only donate to sites which are best and active also providing best services.

You know best service means you have to pay for some apps. Suppose you have forum about health care, so you need to be in this group and (health care study/MBBS) and all other is forum maintenance costs. They only people will like to donate some money and it would near $@-$10 each. This is waht they say.

Fund raising sites like http://www.wall-spot.com/2015/06/creatin...d-raising/
Then there is posibility to get up to $50/person.

Way to ask donation
Some online service like you guide/teach people through your blog.
Free high quality images.
Your own art work.
Even own larger community can help you get money.


in today days nobody donates for websites, just is the websites really helps them very much with some real problems, in rest no


Art work idea seems to be good. But I am just trying to find out if there is any less time consuming way to do that. I have struggled in the past to do just that. I may make sure to see if this helps.


If you have a site that lots of beneficial articles that people can easily tap from people can donate either because they will want to appreciate you for job well-done or what they have derived from your site.


I only donate money for a just course why would I donate to.PayPal with all their high fees and reduction. please when there's a just course alert me not donations for PayPal.


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