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Simple guide to start online earning !
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Online Earning Simple guide to start online earning !
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Hello FFU Members
I hope you guys are doing well. Today I want to share a simple guide to start online earning. I hope my guide will help someone to start online earning.

Who don't need money ? Yeah, I know everybody needs money to live a good life with his/her family and nobody will give you money for free. We have to do some work to earn money. Nowadays online earning or freelancing is getting popularity and most of the people/student getting interest in this field. So lets see how can we start earning here at online

First  you will need to choose a method to earn. If you have some skills like Graphics design, Web Design, Web Development, Programming etc. then you can simply start your online freelancing career with micro jobs site or online marketplaces. Lets check out some popular online marketplaces and microjobs site.
If you will search on Google or on other search engine then you will see that there are lots of online marketplaces available for freelancer. But I will recommend above marketplaces as these are the best from my opinion. So, to start your freelancing career join above marketplaces, list your services, promote them and start earning. But one thing you will need to remember that, you will not get much clients at the stating point. Because there are thousands freelancer available for work. So you will need to offer unique and high quality works to attract people.

Now, what if you don't have any skills ? Don't worry, you can still earn money at online without any skill like web design, programming etc. Check out below methods to start earning without any skill
  • Blogging
  • Paid to Post
  • Paid to Click (Not recommended)
  • Affiliate Marketing

If you can write attractive articles then you can earn money with Blogging. First select a niche to start blogging. Then select a blogging platform like Blogger.com , WordPress etc. If you want to start a free blog then I will recommend you to use Blogger.com to start a blog.
To earn with your Blog you will need to have good content which will attract people to visit your blog. When you will start getting some good amount of visitors you can join ad publisher networks to display ads and earn money. I will recommend you to use below Ad Network.. Join any of the above Ad Publisher network, submit your blog and wait for approval. After approval place their ads and get paid .

Paid to Post

Paid to Post is another good method like Blogging. But we don't have much forums or paid to post system to earn money. Only few are available to start earning with this method. With this method you can simply earn money by participating on forum's discussions. For this you will need to have good command of English grammar. For paid to post you can check below systems.

Paid to Click (PTC)
Paid to Click or PTC is another way of online earning. With this method you can simply earn money by visiting advertiser's website daily. This is the easiest way to earn money at online. Because you will not need to have anything to work with PTC. If you can click the mouse button then you can start earning with PTC. Big Grin
But its not a recommend method to earn at online. Because most of the PTC sites are scam and they don't stay online for long time. However, you can check below PTC sites to start... These two PTC sites are the oldest then all other PTC sites. So I will advice you to start with these sites.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people's (or company's) products. There are lots of affiliate marketing programs available. Even amazon also accepting affiliate marketing. If you will choose the Blogging method then you can also choose Affiliate Marketing. Because you can promote your affiliate products/links through your blog(s). However, to start with affiliate marketing you can check below programs.... If you will search on Google or other search engine then you will see that there are lots of affiliate programs. Even nowadays many web hosting companies also have affiliate programs. You can also check below web hosting affiliate programs... There are more available and I think I can't list all of them. However, above programs are recommended to start Big Grin

So, choose your online earning method and start earning. One more thing, if you want to make a good career with online earning then always be HONEST. Don't cheat others to earn money. Because honesty matters !!

I know there may be more online earning method and I don't know much about them. If you know more methods then feel free to share here.

Thanks for reading. Thumbs Up
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Nice to see you again old friend. Clap
I am your big fan. You always share useful things here. I hope you will share more tutorials, guides with us. +rep from me for this guide Big Grin Thumbs Up


Hi @Sadness Big Grin
Thanks for sharing this Thumbs Up

From my opinion its not an easy task to get buyers on online marketplaces. Because there you will notice too much competitions. And I agree with you that we will need to have something special to attract buyers Big Grin
If you will ask me about online earning then I will go with Paid to Post and Blogging. These is the best from my opinion.


Nice job here, though I am of the opinion that blogging also required skills cos writing articles is also a skill. Added to the paid to post forum is forumcoin.com, it is nice forum and very reliable


Thanks, this will help newbies like me to do well and stick for longer on websites. Today is my first day on any online earning website and i will try to do well.


@Shompa Thanks for the +rep Big Grin
@ahmedo24 Yeah, article writing also require skills as everybody can't write articles. But I have compared the skills with web design, web development, programming etc. So put that method in non skills section. However, I have added ForumCoin in the list. Thanks for the info.

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Thanks for this helpful guide. I am a student and want to earn some money at online. I can't work more then 3 hours per day. At this moment I don't have any skills like web design or others. Can you please recommend me an online earning method ?


Thanks a lot to the admin for coming back and giving us a good oppertunity to work and earn.I hope this site will earn me good money. I liked the rates of this forum.


Thank you for sharing these sites and information. This would a good help to people like me me that seeks option to earn online. Though I have no knowledge on some of the list, I will try my best to learn the other method to increase my earnings.


Thanks for this.I'm already on some of this sites I will check out other ones to see how it goes,I really need to make more money

Thanks for sharing this,I'm already on some of this sites. Will check other ones out to add to my earnings. I really need to make more money
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