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Bitcoins (crypto currencies) For beginners
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Online Earning Bitcoins (crypto currencies) For beginners
Hi, the novelty in the world today .... the Bitcoin and or the crypto currencies.

Bitcoin is the star of the party, the first crypto currencies created from Blockchain technology and also the most valuable.

When the community speaks in crypto currencies usually uses the nickname Bitcoin.
Example: I have my Bitcoins (Bitcoins, BTcash, Litecoin, Dogecoin)

When a problem happens the community again says: the problem was with Bitcoin.
Example: The closure of the Chinese market was mostly caused by the Ethereum protocol. (technology slightly different from Bitcoin)

Bitcoin is then the pseudonym used for all other crypto coins. There are hundreds.
When I speak in community I am looking for the least informed and not the experts, okay.

Ok. So on October 31, 2008 a person with the nickname Satoshi Nakamoto published in a forum his creation, ... the blockchain, which is the technology that generates Bitcoin.

What did Satoshi invent?
Blockchain technology can send a file safely and open to the public without being replicated.

Example: I send a photo to you, so we will have 2 photos. Mine and the one I sent to you.
In that case I could not send money to you.
With Blockchain if I send crypto currency to you. She and yours, without being duplicated.
Blockchain technology has never been invaded. So we can say that it is 99.99999999999999% sure.
In addition, all negotiations are recorded in your ledger, which is open to the public.
There is no central bank that owns Bitcoin, so we say that it is decentralized. Any miner in the world is their owner.

So we can say that Crypto coins. They are from all over the world and at the same time do not have a larger owner. You own your quantity.

Own your Bitcoins you must have a wallet. Each wallet supports one type of Crypto currency. Wallet Bitcoin for Bitcoins, wallet Bitcoin cash for Bitcoins cash, wallet Litecoi for Litecoins, wallet Dogecoi for Dogecoins and so on with others.

Wallets: There are many wallets: online, off line, register on websites.
If you download a wallet, export the private keys. Because if your device breaks you do not lose your wallet.
You can not retrieve your information, so take care of your wallet.

On sites that offer wallets, you can retrieve your password from the site because you have a registration on the site with your email.

You must have a paper notebook and always write down your passwords, as well as make strong passwords.

Also make passwords with two steps. Important: The second step does not retrieve your password. WRITE IN 1 PAPER HOOK.
Bitcoin is not just a value. Bitcoin is a new way of life.
We compare with Harley-Davidson which is a lifestyle.

In the beginning it is difficult to understand Blockchain and Bitcoin.
Get accustomed with wallet addresses.
Example: 1MV6tzRbfznznS4J7E6pk3QsYsMf1zMy5A

Crypto currency comes as a change of habit, where you do not pay brokers for your shipments, only fees for transactions.
Surely we still can not afford coffee with them. I believe rates will be lower in the future.

More Bitcoin is a change from what you think about valuing your money.

You start to like Bitcoin, you start to have more money.
Make good use of it. Use to improve or save what's left of that old world.
You are responsible for the world around you.

Satoshi Nakamoto was nominated for the Noble Prize.
But your true identity is still a mystery.

I hope you liked the text. Thank you!

I have a best list of free sites that give crypto currency.
If you like this, send me a message.
If you want to get in touch with me, send me a message.

Great informative article! i have been into cryptocurrency this past few days. Though I invested few mining sites with btc, I still have few knowledge of how it started and whom this digital currency begun.


Cryptocurrency is still a very big question mark for me. Can anyone here tell me the advantage of earning and investing in bitcoins? Do they hold a bright future?


I wanna know more about it and i want your help in understanding this bitcoins thing. Please make some research for India as i am from india, tell me which bitcoin wallet i should have and which websites i can join from your referral


Amazed Happy Birthday!!! On October 31, 2008 the person with the nickname Satoshi Nakamoto posted in a forum his invention: the blockchain. 9 years without ever being invaded.

Crypto coins, is already consolidated as coins of the future (today's currency for me and millions of people).

What happens today is: seo and bankers of the world's largest financial institutions come to the public to say that bitcoins is bad.
Just because they do not want to lose their high profits sitting in their chair.
These people say: "Bitcoin is bad because it is used to purchase illegal products"
Any product or currency that exists is also used to buy illegal products.

These people say, "Bitcoins is a bubble that will explode, because it has no financial support."

Bitcoins is decentralized, and its support is in the most precious, ... that are the personnel: me, you and millions of others.
So bitcoin will lose its value on the day that all its holders say it is worthless, or the day they turn off the internet. In other words ... NEVER !!!

Want to start in this new and wonderful world safely?
I help you. Miner free or with little investment in safe websites.
Many illegal sites, be very careful, Bitcoin is still a baby.


(10-31-2017, 10:41 PM)Amitkokiladitya Wrote: Cryptocurrency is still a very big question mark for me. Can anyone here tell me the advantage of earning and investing in bitcoins? Do they hold a bright future?
What will happen in the future? This answer no one has. Even the wisest among people can only estimate what can happen.

Bitcoin or crypto coin is fantastic. Yes, Blockchain technology is fantastic.

Blockchain provides that global money does not belong only to few people.
You miner your currency, you own your currency, you value for your currency.

Example: Here in Brazil, I can go out on the streets and sell a paid product with Bitcoins, Litecoins, Dogecoins or another. This is not illegal.

That simple.


Great information. I don't know much about bitcoin but i opened a blockchain wallet lately.

Well, i like the security it offers, and one thing i noticed is that bitcoin fluctuates a lot.


Wow this is a great artivle specially for newcomers people to work in bitcoin, also i will be glad if u shared this list of faucets with me, thanks in advance


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