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All about Forum For U | How can you earn money here ?
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Online Earning All about Forum For U | How can you earn money here ?
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Hello guys
I am Shompa, an old member and lover of FFU. Big Grin  Today I want to share some information about this community and some tricks to earn money here Smile I hope it will help you.

History of FFU
Forum For U (also known as FFU) was founded by @NomanProdhan on 5th September 2014. FFU was not a paid to post forum when it was founded. But after running the forum for several days, the founder announce that he will pay FFU member for making discussion and since then he paid all the member for next two years till 23rd December 2016.  On 23rd December 2016 @NomanProdhan announce that he will not pay anymore and FFU will be a normal community forum without paid to post system. Before closing the system he cleared all the pending payment request. However, on 20th September 2017 @NomanProdhan make a community update and announce that he is going to start the paid to post earning system again Big Grin  with some new features. Now as you can see its running as a paid to post forum.

About the Owner/Founder
If you want to work here then you will need to trust the founder/owner of the community. To trust the owner you will need to know about him.
As I told above @NomanProdhan founded this community on 2014. His full name is Moniruzzaman Prodhan and his nick name is Noman & he is from Bangladesh. He is a Diploma student of Computer Technology and also a freelancer. He is working as a freelancer at online since 2012. He is also running  web hosting business with the name PRIMO WEBHOST. You can visit his website NOMANTHEKING.COM

[Image: huLQQ7Pl.png]
Photo collected from NomanProdhan's Facebook Profile

What is FFU Coin (a.k.a FFUC) ?
FFUC is the virtual currency of Forum For U. You will get paid FFUC for your activity. Currently you can earn FFUC with various activity like below
  • FFUC $2.00 Per Thread
  • FFUC $1.00 Per Post
  • FFUC $0.20 Per Poll
  • FFUC $0.25 Per Reply (When someone will reply on your thread you will get FFUC $0.25)
  • FFUC $20 Per Referral (When your referred member will reach 100 posts, you will need to contact me to claim your
  • FFUC $20)
N.B. Collected from here : http://forumforu.net/Thread-What-is-FFU-...n-FFU-Coin

The conversation rate from FFUC to USD is : FFUC $100 equal to $1.00 USD

How can you earn more money with Article writing ?
Article writing is the newest feature of FFU. It was not exist here before. However, with this feature you can earn much more money daily with article writing. You can earn minimum FFUC $10 or maximum FFUC $100 per article. FFU team will fixed a price between FFUC $10 to FFUC $100 for your article.
So, how can you get the highest price for your article ? Its not so hard. First you will need to have unique and attractive content on your article. Second, you will need to promote your article through social media, forums, blogs etc.
Why you need to promote your article ?
Well, FFU team always pay importance for reader's activity. For example if your article will drive good amount of traffic, other FFU member will make activity (replies) on your article, member will give you positive reputation for your article etc. then FFU team will definitely reward you with the highest price. So, after making an article try to promote it. Smile
You will get paid some additional reward according to your article activity. Check out below
  • 300+ views & 18+ replies : FFUC $12
  • 600+ views & 30+ replies : FFUC $30
  • 1500+ views & 70+ replies : FFUC $70
  • 4500+ views & 150+ replies : FFUC $150

For example, you have got paid FFUC $80 or more for your article and after that your article got 300+ views & 18+ replies on it, then you will get an extra reward of FFUC $12. Like the same after getting the first additional reward of FFUC $12, if your article will get 600+ views & 30+ replies then you will again get another additional reward of FFUC $30. Like the same for all other Big Grin
So, make attractive article, promote them via social media, blogs and forums & earn money !!

Refer other and Earn more
I believe that everybody have some friends at online Big Grin If you want you can also earn some extra money by referring your friends. You will receive FFUC $20 per referral. So if you will be able to refer minimum 5 people per month then you will earn extra FFUC $100 per month. So try to promote your referral links through Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Forums, Blogs and so on. You can find your referral links and banners here : http://forumforu.net/referrals.php?action=banners

How to withdraw your money ?
At this moment FFU only paying via PayPal. They are not accepting any other payment processor. You will need to pay 10% fees to convert your FFUC to USD. The minimum withdraw amount is FFUC $10 + 10%fees (total FFUC $11) and the maximum withdraw limit is FFUC $500 + 10%fees (total FFUC $550). You can post your withdraw request here : http://forumforu.net/Forum-Withdrawal-Requests

Before making withdraw request please read the rules here : http://forumforu.net/Thread-Guidelines-t...-your-FFUC

After receiving your money, you can post your payment proof here : http://forumforu.net/Thread-FFU-Payment-...Proof-Here

Earn more by selling your Signature !

Signature advertising is a great way to promote any website/service/product on a community forum. There we have a lot of webmaster who like to advertising their website/product through signature advertising. If you want you can sell your FFU signature to other. But for adding a signature here at FFU you will need to have minimum 400 posts or you will need to upgrade your account to VIP. When you will have the rights to add signature, you can sell it to other Smile

I created this thread to share information about FFU. I hope it will help you. If you have any question or need help about FFU then feel free to ask me. I will be happy to help you. Thumbs Up
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I have just joined the community to earn some cash. I didn't know much about this forum and now I think I know enough to start earning here Big Grin
Thanks for this helpful post. +rep from me Thumbs Up


I believe this forum is also a nice one where one can easily earn by contributing effectively. With time the forum is gonna be up again


Thanks, friend. This information is indeed very helpful for me and will motivate me more to do well here and spend more time. I will try to refer my friends here as well.


I am proud to join this forum and good to know about its legitimate status. I will try to refer my friends/colleagues


Good job @Shompa . I think it will help newcomers to learn about FFU. Thumbs Up
May be you missed some history Wink Let me tell you some more old things
Actually FFU was founded on September 2012 (I don't remember the date). @NomanProdhan launched the forum with some kind of free hosting and domain and I remember the domain, it was ForumForU.uni.me . I was an active member there. However, may be on 2013 @NomanProdhan lost the free hosting as well as the forum. Sad After that he bought hosting, domain and started the forum again Big Grin
However, I hope FFU will live long and we will be able to participate here.

[Image: FCgKq6Jl.png]


@Sadness , I didn't know about that. Thanks for sharing.
I have update the first post as @NomanProdhan made some changes in article writing. Thumbs Up


@Shompa you did a good job. It will help newbies to know about FFU. It will motivate them to earn and learn here Thumbs Up Keep up the good job and share more informative articles.


I didn't know the history. Thanks for sharing these info and I hope again we all will be able to earn some good cash here Thumbs Up


Nice to see you all guys Thumbs Up
You did a good job @Shompa these information will help FFU newcomers to know about its legit status. I hope again we and newcomers will be able to earn some good cash here Thumbs Up
See you around guys... !!


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