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Need your advice to makre a right choice.
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Need your advice to makre a right choice.
I am willing to buy a decent server for hosting a big blog with and I need to know which host would you choosing if you were me: hostwinds.com or  centohost.com. So which plan is more attractive for your point of view?
I appreciate any input. I need to know how they work in reality.
They look rather nice for me.
If you know how they reliable they are, please tell me more about them.
Thanks in advance.

Hostwinds.com and centohost.com plans are worthwhile.
I have never experienced any downtime with them. They have been rock solid for me!
Great price and great service. Easy to use software.
Great Cpanel software for managing the servers or individual accounts!!!
Use them to meet all your needs. They are suitable for the needs of many IT users.
Their pricing policy is simple and flexible. I am really lucky to have a deal with them.


To get started with the blog you will be fine on shared hosting account and such companies like mechanicweb.com will work for you with no problem. But as soon as you grow you will have to move to VPS or even dedicated server. For good VPS services I can suggest you checking qhoster.com.
But it is always to have ideal conditions and have upgrades completed within the same company. But that would be a quite difficult search.


KVChosting.net and Hostsailor.com accounts are worth trying.
An amazing service and available 24/7, which is perfect for me. I am a night person and always contact them in the early am. They are very knowledgeable and make me feel they can handle whatever it is.
They are really nide in delivering their services in a webmaster-friendly manner. Their servers work with neither glitches, not outages.


When you go to their homepage, do you feel like you are looking at a professional company that you could trust with your money and website? If no. Why? Is it because there website looks dodgy or because there terms and conditions seem to be very vague indeed.

I must say that Hostwinds.com is reliable place to order web hosting plans, their cPanel makes life easier for website owners offering nice tools to help me to perform tasks easy and reliably. The speed is amazing, very reliable, the support is fantastic (we needed a server reset, they done it within 20 minutes), the price is great!. Can't fault these guys!


I want to draw your attention to servers from kvchosting.net and suissrack.com as thewy provide their services in a quality and webmaster-frinedly manner.
 Aforementioned are highlights of using these hosting providers:

• Clear and competitive pricing
• CPanel-powered features
• Advanced functions
• Tons of services and features if you need.
Their servers are well-balanced and their prices are low!
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