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MoneyGoldForum For sale
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MoneyGoldForum For sale
I heard that moneygoldforum s for sale, who ever interested to buy the domain name and the forum its self and the host, visit the forum and send a private message to the Admin with your offer.
I think the minimum bid is 500$ so give and give him your offers, this website worth now more than 2,000$.
who ever is interested just send the admin your offer.

it has 300 member so far, and 6000 post, 3000 thread and good alexa rank, also a lot of advertisement and mobile friendly.

This is just a spam website and have cheated number of users and i know you are the admin of the website. Why don't you pay all your members so that they can get paid for there hard work and when you think of starting again you can get those active members back. By cheating all those members you won't get anything 

And let me assure that, no one gonna buy your cheat website as your website have very low reputation and you won't even earn 10 dollars by selling it.


This forum isn't worth to be bought because first it cheated the members by not paying them and they earned a very negative reputation. The best thing the admin could do is paying all the dues first so that he gains his positive reputation before handing it over to whoever will buy it otherwise his name is still there.The a good advise to the one whose going to buy the forum, they should change that name to something else so that they attract new members.


Does the owner of the forum feel that he can sell the domain after cheating so many users. He has cheated all those who helped him earn and spent time and energy working on his forum.

I understand that things turned out to be unfavorable for him. But at least he should  be decent enough to clear all the payments. I don't understand why no one makes any rules for these forum owners. There should be some punishment if they are found cheating with their members.


Personally I wasn't cheated out of the site because I barely earned cents. I just joined a few weeks before the site decided to pack up. 
I think the fairest thing to do right now if for the admin, which I think is you, to pay up all the pending request. That way the site can start to gain back positivity before you think of selling. 
Nobody is going to buy your site, domain of whatever cheat you are selling. Do the right thing first. This is wrong.


The site is finally back and it's been some members and have even seen some payment proofs from the site.This used to be my best site ever and it will still remain to be the best as long as it still exists.This is the right time for those people who had not joined the site to join because .not sure that it will go away again.I would like to know whether its under someone's else custody or its the same same admin.


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