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Meet and welcome our new MODERATOR !
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Hello everybody
I hope you guys are enjoying your stay here Thumbs Up
As you know I was looking for moderators and here I come with our new MODERATOR @RabidHasan . From today he will be our moderator and will manage all the sections.
Rabid Hasan is studying Diploma in Computer Technology. He is from Bangladesh. He have good knowledge of several programming languages like C, C++, Java etc. He is very friendly minded and I believe that he will help you guys and will keep FFU clean for us !

[Image: M5eNkwrl.png]
Rabid Hasan

If you will need any help or have report/questions you can contact @RabidHasan anytime !
Don't think that I will not help you Smile I am always here to help you all. Its my responsibility.

Some words from @RabidHasan 
Quote:Hello guys
I am Rabid from Bangladesh. I am a student of Computer technology and from now I will be moderator of FFU. I will try my best to make FFU better and bigger for forum poster. I don't have much word to say, just want to say that if you will need any help or will have any question just buzz me anytime. I will be happy to help you all.

Rabid Hasan

Hello @RabidHasan
Welcome to FFU as MODERATOR. I believe that you will work for FFU to make it better for us Thumbs Up and I don't doubt about this !! Cool


congratulations @RabidHasan
I hope you will manage the community with best methods. Good luck Thumbs Up


Hi @RabidHasan
Congratulations for getting the position. I don't have doubt that you will manage the community very well. Good luck for your job Thumbs Up


That would be a great help for all of us. Congrats buddy, Looking forward to take your help whenever i require, have a very pleasant stay here


Welcome, it's nice to meet you and I hope you will keep us all in order! We promise to be well behaved  Hello !


(10-17-2017, 03:12 PM)Sprite1950 Wrote: Welcome, it's nice to meet you and I hope you will keep us all in order! We promise to be well behaved  Hello !

Haha, i have to say you are so funny. yeah we all try to be in order and behaved LOL  Amazing


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