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Looking to create a photo download site
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Looking to create a photo download site
I want to create a photo/image download website similar to all-free-download, pexels, pixabay and others. Where I can allow visitors to get photos for free.
Like stock photo website but people can get images for free. canstockphot, shutterstock, dreamstock...

I checked wordpress themes and plugins for the same but all I got is to sell photos and others were the simple gallery.
I need an image detail page where people can see the image size and the download link as the sites mentioned above. Here with wordpress plugin I saw some good plugins but they do not have download and the image details on the image page.

Taking the advantage of the opportunity I can say that I've had a good run dealing with Linovus.ca team of web developers and designers.
In conclusion, my sites are in good hands and I want to recommend these professionals.


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