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Looking for Linux server
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Looking for Linux server
Looking for Linux server with 1TB of HD + 14 TB of bandwidth, 24 GB of RAM, Linux

So, what places can you recommend me to look at?
I've already found Okayservers.com, Digitalserver.com.mx and Inmotionhosting.com, but know nothing about them, however they perfectly meet my demands.
Where can I find any possible info about their reliability?
Have you ever used their web hosting services before (especially dedicated server hosting)?

Servers from a2hosting.com and hostsailor.com are worth trying.
I like their features:

99.9% Uptime Guaranteed
24/7/365 Tech Support
No Setup Fee & No Gimmicks. Highly recommended!
They know their work well. They are quality and reliable and their work is beyond praise.
Overall being in your place I'd use them with no hesitations.
Companies are trustworthy and reliable. They are worth every cent you pay for their services.
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The guys at digitalserver.com.mx know their stuff, and more than that they're very good at explaining anything to newbies.
The customer service has excellent feedback time via e-mail and solved all problems for a website newbie like me. I have the starter package, and think it's a great bargain.

No doubt, it is the best option for getting dedicated servers in Mexico - pricing is reasonable.


I would advise you to use servers from time-tested companies, I mean legionbox.com and oissite.com.
To me, main things which differentiate between top hosting companies and average service provider are :-
- Experience
- Good Servers
Low Cost
- Simple Hosting Panels
- Speedy Support
I think these companies fit in all of these well.
I think they are able to satisfy all your demands. It seems to me the are really the best in many aspects.


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