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Image Resize?
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Image Resize?
When it comes to graphics design, we have to reisze the images with various ways like photoshop and other apps. I wonder do you know any good tool that can help you out resizing the images? Do you know any good tool that resizes the images for you?

Which image resize software do you use?

Using a program called paint is also very helpful and I think its the best tools for use it is what I use when I needed to Re-size a particular image program and this help me so much in many ways and that is one of the best program when you are done you can chose to save your program in a set format suitable for you

Paint is good but the image resized inside the paint does not have good quality. so the compression and the image resolution has to be good. I try to have that but it does not work much in that line.

Paint is also what I use and I also think msw is offering this type of service as well,this is not new thou I know the image quality may not be that really good but the one of paint is good after the crop try and click on enhance

I have used the programs like photoshop and paint and found tht some of them are good. And for that point to come it seems one needs to find out the resize methods. because not all the apps have that feature.

desing is most important thing,for people which need it that is very good

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