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How to make a priofitable web hosting site ?
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How to make a priofitable web hosting site ?
Can anybody advice me to make a profitable webhosting site ?

u need to offer automated hosting setup, for that you need good billing system like whmcs. also you need good software control panel for your customers (like cpanel, webmin).

if u need to go free & cheap way, you will need to do tings manually and work more to get/keep customers maybe
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As said above those are some of the requirements but this is not all, you must have great and fast support AND some fantaxtichardware to go on, basically creating a hosting company cost a few thousands dollars

Its really not so easy to run a profitable web hosting site. However, if you will be able to provide quality services and supports to your user than you can get clients by promoting your hosting site. And when you will get clients you will get $$$$$$$ profits Thumbs Up

Unfortunately it’s not like opening a new site where we just go and purchase the domain and hosting and that’s it. Here we are required to do so much while investment needs to be huge there has to be high quality service and something unique whether it’s for setup or price because if everything is same then no one will go with a new hosting instead all will trust only an old one.

Hello and making a Profitable Web Hosting Site it's possible but making a Living would be harder.

You'll need to have Public Relations. Advertising and so fourth.

Yes quality and customer care are the two essential qualities for success. Otherwise you would not be able to survive.

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