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How much you will pay for a logo ?
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How much you will pay for a logo ?
Recently I have bought a cool logo for $15.00 . I know many people pay upto $100 for a logo. Let me know how much you pay for a logo. I hope you all will share your opinion. Wink

I will pay $10.00 for a professional logo.

Its totally depend on Logo quality. For high quality professional logo I will like to pay $30+

It depends on the Logo if it's a professional Logo it can be over than 100$ . but for me i prefer to create my own logo i can do it not professionally but it's enough for me Smile

I will like to pay maximum $20.00 USD for a professional logo. I think its enough for a logo. Big Grin

I will not pay more than $10 for a logo.

I think $10 is enough for a professional looking logo. But if you want you can pay more Wink

i saw alot of professional logo designer offering logo design at $10-$20

The logo if it connects correctly with the customers will help to establish the brand and if the logo has this potential then paying for the logo does make sense. I would not mind paying around 50$ for a good logo.

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