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How much for the facebook banner design?
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How much for the facebook banner design?
I have been using the canva and other tools for quite some time now. And I want to know if there are any options for me to know what should be the pricing that needs to be charged for banner design. 

How much to charge for the facbook banner design?

You are the one to set your price I think so ,if you dont have to do this then your bider will definately bid you so high so set your cost and you will be please to have the right service which is needed by you as a matter of fact and that is what I do too

I can set the price but you can see that the price can go up and down. And this is something I can't think of. and also the amount of client that come in for the low cost makes me wonder if it is worth going.

What the client can pay is what he is going to pay so no matter what and how you do your client will always pay what he suppose to pay and that is good enough so dont try to set it too high it should be something you can pay if it was you

Yes I am charging low on some ppoit and I am gong to charge high for some. So this should balance out things. It may not be that high and it can be low for starters and then maybe raise the rates.

yes this is very good you are max ..................!!!!!!!!!!godbaylike

Rise the rate of what? I think the best solution should be to have a fixed rate to it as this will help alot and make imagination a reality so its not a new thing we must keep focusing for what we know how to do best

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