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Hello FFU Community
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Hello FFU Community
I am new here! Please welcome me. 
I have been reading a lot of things about the forum site and was considering this for a long long time. When I joined FC, I got to know FFU but never had a chance to register. 
Now that I am here, I will have more site to work on. 
Upon checking the site, I have seen familiar names already, so I feel at home here.

Welcome to FFU hope you enjoy it here as much as I am. I am t cashout point here right now but going to go for a higher amount less take out fee when we do that. It will be my first payout here once I do decide to do it. All the best to you.


Hello Tina! Thank you for the welcome. I haven't visited this post since I posted it. How was your first payout? I am too far away from the payout.


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