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Global Forum Rules & Terms (Last Updated on 23 December 2016)
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Global Forum Rules & Terms (Last Updated on 23 December 2016)
FORUM FOR U is an open place for discussion. If you want to participate on our community  than you will need to follow below rules and terms.............

  • You can't post any illegal or copyright protected content
  • You should not have more than one account from one IP address. If we find multiple accounts from one IP than we will banned all of your account
  • You can't put any shorten URL(s) [ e. g. Adfly, LinkBucks, Googl etc) in your posts
  • You can't post anything related pornography, nuddity, gambling etc
  • You can't make duplicate threads and posts
  • Respect fellow members and FFU Staffs.
  • You can't use any bad words
  • You can't sell your FFU account. 
  • You can't discuss anything related politics, religion, drugs etc.
  • You can make replies on your own threads but don't make replies with very short word like Bump, Bump of the Day etc.
  • We will not allow any PM (Private Message)  Spamming.. If you caught by doing this, you will be banned .
  • You will need to have minimum 25posts to add clickable links in your threads/replies.
  • Inactive account will be deleted every month
Terms of Services

Terms For Members Content
FFU is  an open place for discussion. For this reason we don't have any control over our members thread/replies. They have rights to share their own opinion here. However, if you find any content which should not be here than please report us about that content. We will review your report and if we will get anything wrong than we will remove that content.

We have all the rights to change above rules and terms at anytime for any reason with or without notice.

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