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Garbage posts
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Garbage posts
Do you ever feel like there are some garbage posts that we members make on sites? 
Some post are just repetition of previous post in a new frame and it keeps getting boring all the time. 
I can understand posting same thread on different sites. It gives you diverse response and ideas. But some post are almost useless and only aimed at earning points. 
I feel like meaningful threads should be kept going like up to Thirty something pages as in BMF rather and having hundred low quality threads. Just my thoughts.

Yes that's very true quite a good number of people do post thrash just for the sake of earning points and some even go to the extent of repeating themselves.At times admins should be going through the posts and threads just to ensure what's written is of content so that even newbies will be able tp understand and even when they join the forums they will be able to emulate that.Even some go to the extent of spamming by writing like short responses.


Just today, the admin of beer money forum, Mr. B locked a couple of threads in the site. He said there were too many trash post going on and that only genuine posts are welcomed. 
He has even created a new thread for suggestions on how to control garbage and trash posts in a thread. Members are throwing in good opinions and I think that that's the way it should be done. Fairly. 
At least he is seeking the opinions of his members which is good.


This is something that is unavoidable in every forum site. Most of the users make posts only to meet the daily posting limit and earn rewards. Only of few of them are really concerned about the quality and relevance of what they post. Hence it becomes mandatory that all the forum sites keep there sites under strict moderation. Any one who is found violating the rules should be punished. The deduction of coins will help to keep them away from making any kind of trash post.


I think he did the right thing because according to his will he wants the site to remain as clean as possible. Some people do post just for the sake of earning points even though the points don't make sense.I think before posting we should formulate something in our brains then put it in words.Besides we're not the owners of the sites obviously the admin has the mandate to change his site in the way he feels like.


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