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Free 2000 Banner (468X60) Credits
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Free 2000 Banner (468X60) Credits
Hello Everybody
This is a freebies zone. Here everybody can get/share some free goods and services. As I'm the owner of FFU, I thought that I should start offering some free goods. Big Grin

What I'm giving ?

I will give you 2000 Banner Credits on FFU Watching Ad for free.

How you can get these credits ?

Just join FFU Watching Ad and post your username here and I will add the credits on your account. If you already have an account than also post your username here.

Site link : http://www.wad.forumforu.net

Notice : FFU Watching Ad is under construction, I mean its not lunch officially. But you can join and can earn money by clicking ads. Currently there only 6 ads. When we will lunch the site officially our all member will be able to click minimum 40 ads daily.

Awesome offer. Joined as ModelGirl.

Thanks admin for this.

(01-16-2015, 03:25 PM)ModelGirl Wrote: Awesome offer. Joined as ModelGirl.

Thanks admin for this.

Credits added. Thumbs Up

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