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Employers Awards
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Employers Awards
[Image: YxDXeTI.jpg]

Employers Awards Luncheon celebrating you! After surveying trends in various companies and corporations, we found that many employers give back to their communities and charities which is wonderful. But we also found that too many unsung heroes who are not noticed or unrecognized for their time, dedication, and contributions.

We recognize you as a hero because your efforts prevent many from feeling the sting of poverty. Your business makes a difference. In addition, you are being awarded because you are an employer and for your efforts giving back to the community.

Why participate?
Winning corporate awards can position you as an industry leader in the eyes of your peers and the media. In addition to creating great photo opportunities and brand name recognition, winning an award assures that when journalists are looking for an “industry expert” to comment on a recent trend, they’ll come to you first.

Visit : http://employersawards.com/

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