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Earning 50-100$ with this program
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Earning 50-100$ with this program
HI friends
Today I am sharing a cryptocurrency program which pay about 30 DEK coins per click on your link
and 1 DEK = 0.02$
Imagine if you get 1000 clicks and get 30k coins then your earning is 300$ easily
so here is the link and start promoting


You need to put myetherwallet address
i will post payment proof soon.

I will look forward to your payment proof from this site. Please keep us posted anout your progress and how this works.


This website is giving 10 deck per click not 30 deck 
and recieve payout after one month
I am also a member of this site

Ban reason: Too much spamming, useless posts (1m, 2w, 6d remaining)


I am currently waiting for your payment proof, hope that you get paid Smile goodluck! After you post your paymebt proof i will sigh up undr you


This will be a nice one if it really legit,will research more about it to get more information about it workability.


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