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Earn satoshi with freebtcn.win
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Earn satoshi with freebtcn.win
This is another great faucet which will give you high reward with in every 3 minutes I really like because they have no pop up and easy to claim, it has also autoclaim for all coins which I do not recommend because they use auto browser mining in autoclaim page.

Timer: 3 minutes.
Reward: 5 to 23 Satoshi.
Minimum Withdraw: 100 Satoshi on faucethub account

Thank you for posting this faucet,because I am looking for a faucet,where is no high amount of satoshis needed,to be possible to ask for withdrawal.100 satoshis it is easily achievable within one day or even within couple of hours,if you are claiming every 3 minutes and if you are lucky you can win even 23 satoshis.I will try this faucet out and as soon as I am making cash out from the faucet,I will post here some updates about it.


Wow, thank you for sharing this. I am in the search of faucet that does not have much pop ups and I think this one answers my search. I will definitely check this. 100 satoshi is a small amount to cashout so I am okay with this. I easily dismiss faucet that has 1000 or 2000 threshold for cashout. 

Do you have payment proof by the way? I think it is important to know that the site really pays. And if you see other faucet that has no pop ups please share it here.


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