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Earn munero from faucets
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Earn munero from faucets
MoneroFaucet.info is for claiming free Monero using faucet. You can claim XMR every 60 minutes, you have to just enter your XMR address and solve the captcha. Your address will become your account.

Minimum withdraw:  0.025 XMR

They also have Mining Console on the Account page for Monero mining.

Referrals commission is 10% for claims only.

Join Here - http://monerofaucet.info/

Thanks for posting this new earning possibility.As I have seen after the fluctuation of the value of different cryptocurrencies,there are higher rewards when we claim from the faucets.I have read many things about Munero,and I have seen on different sites,even on Ptc sites,that there are Munero mining possibilities.I don't know,how many Ptc members are using that possibility.On this faucet the referral earning is pretty low.


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