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DreamTera Review - Don't use their service !!
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DreamTera Review - Don't use their service !!
DreamTera's services are very cheap. I thought I should give a chance to them to host all of my site. For this I have bought their Reseller hosting for three months. Now my three months subscription will be end soon and I am going to change the host. Their service is too bad. I have got lots of downtime daily ! Sometime their MySQL server don't work and sometime just all site go down. From my 2+ months experience I will advice you not to buy their services. Don't waste your time and money with them.

Well, you shouldn't use cheap hosting . Its just waste of money and time Wink

I think its your goodluck that you didn't buy their service for one year Wink However, thanks for sharing your review. It will help others .

What I want to know is that are they offering anything like affiliate program ?I will love to join their affiliate program to make the most and If this is possible please give me the direct link which I can join

hello and thanks for your review because i want to try this host this week but i will not. Thank you again !

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