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Do you like faucetpot?
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Do you like faucetpot?
Payout - Previously, payout is 8 satoshi every 15 minutes. 
Currently, payout is 4 satoshi per 1 minute. 
5% daily bonus
50% referral bonus
Withdrawal - No minimal withdrawal limit, direct to faucethub. 
Features - Account registration required. One captcha and one shortlink included.
Remember  to add your wallet address in your account.

It is cool and easy to claim, bonuses are also attractive

It seems,that this is really a good paying faucet.I like mostly to be active on faucets,which are paying instantly to the wallet,because this way you can be sure,that you are getting paid for your work on the faucet.There are some faucets,which are not paying instantly,you have to accumulate couple of thousands of satoshis and after that you can ask for payout,but I think that it is safer to be active on direct paying faucets.


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