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Do you have any rules for your staff member ?
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Do you have any rules for your staff member ?
Hello All community forum admins

Do you have any rules for your staff member ?

Well. I don't have any forum. But I think forum owner should have some rules for staff members. Because if there will no rules than staff member will do everything without care which can be harmful for a growing community.

I think, as a forum owner, you should set guidelines for your staff to follow.
Without a proper guide, they won't know how to properly manage your forum.

I've tried to create several forums myself, but they never took off. I still took them seriously, but it was more of a hobby than a real interest of mine to gain popularity.
If you need help setting rules for your staff, you should first create global forum rules. It will then be easier to moderate the forum.
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I think that forum owner should have some guidelines or rules for Staff Members. Because without any guidelines or rules staff will not be able to do their duty properly. Big Grin

Without rules, its impossible to run a good community forum. So, Rules and Guidelines is the most important thing of a community forum.

+1 for that!

There are some rules for the staff members in my forum which are described below:
1. Have to active daily.
2. Have to post atleast 5-10 posts.
3. Moderate other memebers threads.

Yes I have some rules for my staff members and those are logging in every day, moderate posts everyday and make some quality posts.

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